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A Sister Friend is a sexual assault survivor dedicated to supporting, comforting, and being an extension of hope to the individuals that have been violated by a sexual predator(s).



Get Briefed is a (501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.  Funds are needed to provide special programming, develop material and literature, provide counseling and to eventually provide safe havens for the sexual assault/rape survivors. Click here to Make a difference. 

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Shopping at our online store supports our cause and allows you to help us spread the word by wearing or using our products. Click Here to Visit our Store!


Fundraisers consist of support groups that give of their time helping to raise funds to meet the needs of the survivors.  Our yearly VIP Briefing Event, 5k walk/run, infamous panty drop, sports bra drive are just a few of many activities to bring awareness.

Host a Briefing


A Briefing is a gathering to inspire, educate and inform women of all ages, creeds, and colors to provide awareness to the uninformed and stability for those who have fallen victim to sexual assault or rape.  When you host a Briefing, you help create a platform that sets an atmosphere for questions, dialogue, and most of all healing for the survivor or loved ones you may know, who have been affected. Click here to bring a Briefing to your Organization.


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Joining our Facebook allows you to get involved and bring awareness to this cause.  Help us spread the word! Let's Get Briefed

There are a lot of simple ways for you to get involved in spreading the word about Let's Get Briefed and raising awareness.

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